So Sorry

I showed the stuff I wrote the other day to someone I know and they just didn’t get it. And I don’t get that. It always amazes me when I see a guy who doesn’t get the whole tool thing. Or who has no idea what’s going on when he opens a car hood.

I’m sure it’s just because of when and where and how I was brought up. I can kind of understand why young folk don’t really get cars. These days you need a couple of degrees to figure out why a car is acting the way it is. But not too many years ago you could still work on them so guys of a certain age could understand that basics at least.

Oh sure, I get it. Some people are interested in other stuff, and if your dadStreet_art_from_a_scene_in_the_film_Fight_Club and your friends and your friends’ dads didn’t care about cars how would you ever come to be interested. Intellectually I understand that. But somewhere deep inside I have this feeling that tools and gadgets and wanting to understand how things work is some sort of genetic imperative. A guy should just naturally “get” guy stuff. Tools are guy stuff.

Then again, it could be argued that the desire to beat the hell out of anyone that pisses you off is “guy” stuff, but I don’t get that either. Why beat the hell out of the guy when you could just buy him a beer and sit down and talk about the Cubbies? Most guys have more in common than they ever want to admit.

The first rule of fight club should be to never join fight club.

First Post

Just a quick post to get things started.

This blog is going to be about man stuff. For sure about tools and trucks and fixing stuff, but who knows what else might pop in here on the off day. Will there be stuff about guns? About cool knives or camouflage?

Hard to tell. But mostly about tools. Because you know. – tools.

Guys like tools. At least many of them do. If not most. And if it’s not most you have to ask yourself why. Where did their upbringing go wrong? Did mom wear the pants and make dad put on an apron and clean the toilet on weekends? ¬†Was dad a theatre guy? Yeah, the misspelling’s on purpose.

Did dad not fix stuff. Was he the type of guy with money who called some other guy whenever stuff was broke and then keep young Jimmy from satisfying his innate curiosity about all things toolish?

Somewhere, somehow, evolution went wrong. It went down some soon to be dead branch and led to guys who don’t like guy stuff. Like all evolutionary missteps, it will cure itself eventually.

But hey, those guys aren’t our problem. This is about tools and trucks. If you like tools and trucks come on back.